Central Kitchen ERP

Your complete guide to modern and innovative touch to your food business

Integrating your chain of food outlets with our modernized and amplifying central kitchen management software with us. Keeping you on track of your inventory operations and work management efficiently and effectively.


Automate, manage and plan your kitchen operations systematically.

We ensure consistency in our quality and innovation in our product and service central kitchen management software is a necessity for a business that operates as chains. We make things easy and organized for your business.


How we make your business innovative and organized
  • To track your food items and other stuff across multiple locations
  • Exclusive production planning
  • Urgent transfer options
  • We give facility to view live orders from the kitchen screen
  • Automating the purchase order management with a detailed report of the process
  • Automated schedule of orders and make sure things are organized on time
What are the features we provide
  • Outlet remote ordering
  • Purchase planner
  • Urgent transfer
  • Kitchen screen system
  • Inventory management
  • Supply management
  • Delivery management
  • Scheduling and alert management
  • Management reports

Upgrade your business by impregnating the central kitchen management software it can also be used to complement your POS (Point Of Sale) system.

By generating minute-by- minute tracking of your sales and inventory in real- time, this combination can guarantee a significant improvement in your overall operations and profitability.

We ensure improvement and optimal use of the resources in your business with the implementation of our central kitchen management software ERP.