Tech Startup

Are You A Tech Startup?

So you are a startup with a great idea, you labouriously work towards understanding your potential customers, creatively conceptualising a great platform or app, working to secure investors and ultimately ready to start your development.

Only one small problem, there doesn't seem to be a developer that understands your needs. Most don't understand the concept of ensuring good UX flows, implementing the functions haphazardly and worse creating user loops that lose you customers.

But here we are. We understand.

We have worked with some of the world's most demanding startups. We know how to fulfill your project's vision. We have worked to create some of the world's most interesting projects.

  • Mobile Apps (leveraging iBeacons, AR/VR, RFID, QR Codes)
  • Gamified Mobile Apps with Community
  • Facebook and WeChat Chatbots
  • Crowdsourcing Platforms for Services or Products
  • SaaS ERP System for Niche Industry