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ZenCode Technologies is a full service implementer of IDEAS. We make your technology ideas come alive. We take the time to learn about you, how you operate, why you’re great, and what your goals are. We work with you to solve the challenges that prevent business growth.

We can help you build your SaaS platform from start to finish. From wireframing to coding to SEO services. Zen us.

We can help you develop IOT solutions bringing together best in class devices for a complete IOT solution, or building from scratch. We make it possible. Zen it.

We Make YOUR Burgeoning IDEAS Come Alive

Be it an IOT device integrated to various platforms; A business application that will revolutionise the way a company does things; A marketplace that brings various people together; A custom business application for your business; A mobile application that uses crowdsourcing to bring convenience to customers; or a myriad of potential new industries, ask ZenCode to help you with the implementation. Time is crucial for any business; focus your efforts on funding, building your team and getting customers. Let us help you with the implementation of your idea.

We Make Complex IDEAS Comealive

We are able to make simple the seemingly impossible. We strategise with you how to release an idea in stages. We help you define your goals. We manage the development resources to make the project on time and on budget. We plan. We code. We start.


Customer Segments

Enterprise IT

Are You in Enterprise IT? So you are the head of IT for a Multi-National Company (MNC) or a lar...

Digital Agency

Are You A Digital Agency? So you are a digital agency, you labouriously work towards understand...

System Integrator

Are You A System Integrator? So you are a system integrator with periods of high demand, you la...

Tech Startup

Are You A Tech Startup? So you are a startup with a great idea, you labouriously work towards u...



E-Commerce Platform Development

Thinking of starting a new e-commerce platform or optimising your e-commerce website? We kn...

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SaaS Application Development

Instead we take the pain out of solutioning your business case into: C...

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Mobile Application Development

Are you looking to develop a mobile application? Perhaps the next Tinder, Uber, Grab, Lalamove, Gog...

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Agile Application Development

Are you struggling to find the best fit solution for your company's processes and requirements?...

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How are you responding to your clients? In this 24 hour world we live in, your clients could be spe...

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Video Analytics

No human being is able to be alert 24 hours a day looking for anomalies in situations in front of t...

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Enterprise Content Management

Documentum Platform provides essential capabilities for managing enterprise content and is the found...

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So you've got a great idea. You've managed to develop a initial prototype. But you are at a ...

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Continued bug and maintenance support after project complete
Experience with startups and disruptive technologies
Wide scope of experience available on tap
Local office, global marketplace mentality

What Are The Possibilities?

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